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Welcome to Your PanchKarmaa Noida Center

Fitness being the mantra, the Namo Gange Trust is conveying the message of health, peace and happiness among the people through "The Panchkarmaa"

Our Mission

Being as the best panchkarmaa center in noida, our mission is to deliver compassionate and community-based healing practices to human body, mind and soul. We promote and expand therapeutic message of Yoga which is one of the most ancient system of Indian origin. Our panchkarma center in noida is committed to provide health and wellness to the people of world through yoga and meditation.

Our Vision

Our vision is "OM SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH", it means may all be happy and no one suffers on this planet. At panchkarma centre in noida, we are carry and spread the message of health, peace and harmony for the welfare of humanity all across the world. While considering drawbacks of globalization, Panchkarmaa Noida believes that the panchakarmaa treatment in noida can resolve all the burdens on our health and inner-self to make this world free of stress, anxieties, diseases and all sorts of negativities. We aim to become the best Ayurvedic Clinic in noida.


In Ayurveda, Panchakarma treatment in Noida is considered very effective Ayurveda method of treatment; the main purpose of this treatment is to detoxify the body. In the panchakarmaa treatment in noida, the body goes through continuous metabolism process and as a result of this process the waste products (toxins) present in our body are released. These toxins are known as 'Aam'. This aam is the main root cause for various diseases. The Panchakarma Therapy action removes Aam from the body in an efficient manner without any hostile effects on body. If we break the word Panchakarma in two words it bifurcates into 'Pancha' which means five and 'Karma' means Actions/Therapies. These are all "shodhan" therapies that help in cleansing of vitated doshas and bringing them to normalcy.


Dr. Preeti Saraswat


8 years experience

Dr. Preeti Saraswat is a best Ayurvedic doctor in Noida with 8 years of experience. She and her team is dedicated to provide best Panchakarma Chikitsa in Panchkarmaaa Noida Center. As the best ayurvedic doctor in Noida, her mission is to help her patients in maintaining a healthy-stress free life. She provides Panchakarma therapies in the best ayurvedic clinic in Noida, which help patients to eliminates impurities, reduce stress, and live a healthy life.

Our Facility


Panchkarma Therapies

Panchakarma Therapies given by the best ayurvedic doctor in noida eliminate toxins from the system, rebalance the Doshas, heal countless ailments and renew a sense of clarity and inner-peace.



Ayurvedic treatment of kati basti in noida involves the introduction of the rectum of herbal substances like oil and decoction etc. in a liquid medium. Basti, is the most effective treatment of vata disorders, although many enemas over a prescribed period of time are usually required.



The Best ayurvedic dotor in noida gives potli massage in noida, which uses cotton pouches filled with different herbs soaked in oil or decoction to massage the body. It enhances physical consistency and reinforces nerves. It also relives sports injury and joint pains.


Panchkarmaa Abhyangam Combination Therapies

Relaxing & effective top-of-the-line rejuvenating experience for body & mind. It nourishes skin, removes impurities & synchronizes brainwaves. Perfect for stress & anxiety.


Ayurvada Mukhlepan Therapy

This ayurvedic beauty treatment in noida provides cleansing, toning, scrubs and face massage using Our a combination of Ayurveda herbs and the natural goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables.


(Rasayana) Rejuvenation Therapy Paciages

Rejuvenation is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the body's vitality to its fullest capacity. It is defined as any herb, food or activity which bestows youthfulness and cures disease


General OPD

Ayurveda is the ancient system of Indian medicine; it was originated around 5000 years back in India. Ayurveda is practiced in India for centuries as a science of all diagnosis and treatment. In India, Ayurveda is known as mother of all therapies and a system of life-discipline. Ayurveda promotes health, beauty and longevity.


Kayakalp (Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Therapies)

Marma Abhyanga (Therapeutic Ayurveda massage) pizhichill(Ayurvedic oil bath) Abagahana , Navarakizhi/Shashtika Shali Swedan (Rice bolus stream)


Shula Nivaran (Ayuvedic Pain Management Treatments)

Being as best Ayurvedic doctor in Noida we provide pain management treatments with Elakizhi /Patra Pind Swedna (leaf Bolus Stream), Nadi Sweda (Localized fomentation), KAti Basti, Greeva Basti, Janu basti

Soundarya Vardhini-Ayurvedic-Beauty-Therapies

Soundarya Vardhini (Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies)

In the context of Ayurveda, inner and outer beauties are intimately related. The more we nurture ourselves, the more radiant we become physically and expressively- regardless of our particular body shape or proportions


Ayurvedic Health And Diet Plan

Consultaton with Ayurvedic Doctor in Noida for healthy growth + Swarn Prashan Sanskar/ Ayurvedic Immunisaon + Diet Plan. According to Ayurveda our body needs to get right nourishment to support proper physical & mental development.


Stress Management

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works


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